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File Macexp.dat


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File macexp.dat on my system has grown to nearly 8 M, and it is on my boot partition where space is critical.


Does the user have any control over the size of this file?


Is there any way to move it? I looked in preferences and in the registry and I couldn't find the file anywhere where I could change the location.

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I shut down ME and tried renaming the file to mexexp test.dat.


I didn't know what to do with the ME other files in the directory, so I did nothing.


I restarted ME. So far it appears to be working. It recreated the macexp.data and started OK. The file is now 1 KB.


I believe that it started in less time than before.


Maybe the solution is to simply delete the file.

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The macexp.dat file should not be increasing in size.


I received the copy of the macexp.dat file that you sent me. We are analyzing that file and the program to determine what is going wrong. We hope to have it resolved for the upcoming release of Macro Express v 3.5d.


In the meantime, you can delete the file. It is recommended that you stop terminate Macro Express before doing so, however.

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