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Extra Addresses In Email From Var


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When I enter multiple email recipients with a string var I get the first address twice, How come?


I do this:

Variable Set String %T1% "cory@bluepointdesign.com; cory_jackson@sbcglobal.net"

E-Mail Send: Know Recipients, Fixed Text, No Attachments

<TVAR2:01:01:cory@bluepointdesign.com; cory_jackson@sbcglobal.net><EMAIL2:Center:Center:Center:Center:Center:Center:RNR1TO%T1%|%T1%;S1TestA1>


And I get this:



Why does the first email address appear twice?

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It's due to a bug in the application. I'm getting it fixed right now.


Here's a fixed version of the command for you. If you'll notice, the only difference is the %T1%|%T1%; code has been changed to %T1%;


<TVAR2:01:01:cory@bluepointdesign.com; cory_jackson@sbcglobal.net><EMAIL2:Center:Center:Center:Center:Center:Center:RNR1TO%T1%;S1TestA1>

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That's terrific! And I don't even have to wait for an update.


If I do the direct editor trick %T1% doesn't appear in the scripting editor which could mess me up later. Once the fix is in ME will the ones I've changed magically appear correctly or will I need to go back and fix them?

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Here's somethig interesting. First time I set the var to %T12% and later changed it to %T16% after the "TO:" it appeard as "%T16%|%T12%"!


I don't know if this helps you any with the fix but I thought it odd and worth mentioning to you.

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