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In "Variable Set From File" there is an undocumented (in help) option to "Expand Filename", what does this do?


I've searched the ME site, KB and this forum but found no hits.

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Hello Cory!


Here is an excerpt from the book that explains it:


The Expand Filename checkbox will convert the file or folder in the Filename/Path field to a full path string before parsing it. For example, if File1.txt is entered and if the current folder is set to C:\FolderA, internally it will be changed to C:\FolderA\File1.txt before parsing. Here are a couple of things to be aware of:

  • The folder or file does not have to physically exist. The path and name will still be parsed.
  • Network paths (leading "\\") will be ignored. The Drive field variable will be set to an empty string and the leading "\\" remain as part of the path.
  • When parsing a folder, the Filename/Path field must have a trailing backslash or else it will be parsed as a file name instead of as a folder name.
  • Folder shortcuts "." and ".." work fine, but only if used with the Expand Filename checkbox, otherwise they remain as part of the path.

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