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Scandisk All Hd's In Xp

Gerry Peters

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I setup a macro for CHKDSK in XP using CMD. On some of my computers I can get it to operate under XP, other computers won't complete it under XP but instead ask if I'd like it to be done on next bootup.


I would like to do this under XP without requiring a bootup. In most cases I want just the quick scandisk operation, like you get when right clicking the drive and choosing tools/error checking. Of course in Win98 this was easy, there was an option to choose all HD's. Also in Win98, I think I was able to do this under scheduled tasks and choose "run routine now"


Any suggestions?


Gerry Peters

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If you just do a normal scan you will not get teh reboot requirement. It's becasue it can't get exclusive access. So if you just scan and don't choose to fix or repair options you wont get it. You can force it to cut the hand;es and dismount it with a /x but I wouldn't reccomend it.


It was simpler in Win98 becasue it was very sloppy in the way it hand;ed the disk. This is why they had so many file problems. NTFS is much more agressive and protective.


As for all drives I don't think you could ever do that from the command prompt in 98. But I'm sure you could write a routine to determine what hard drives there are and scan them but it might just be easier to scan every drive letter down low and just let the nonexistant drive error out.

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