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There Are No Dial-up Networking Connections To Han


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win98se; ME3.5.0.1; LTwinmodem; windows logon.

I am NOT connected to the net & have NO network (single-user setup).


This is my macro:

If Online

Dial-Up Networking: Hang Up

End If


When run, this is the resulting ME error:

"there are no dial-up Networking connections to hang up."


How does the 'if online' cmd work??

Am I 'online' to win98??

(then I'm also online to the electric company) :-)

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Greg -


I am not sure how it works, and I checked with Floyd, too. He gave me one of those long answers, which ended with "I'm not sure". What we do know, however, is that it is not working for you. Have you tried any of the Ping commands instead?

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I did not know the answer to your question so I asked one of the programmers.


The 'If Online' command uses the Windows Inetconnected API to see if there is a network connection. This API returns true if any network connection is active.


In other words, if you are connected to an internal network using TCP/IP, the 'If Online' command will return true regardless of whether or not your dialup connection is active.

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I just reread your original post where you say you are not connected to a network. The programmer is puzzled about why the Windows 'internetgetconnectedstate' API (note new name) is returning true in this case.


You may want to discuss this directly with the Insight Software Solutions support people. See www.macros.com/support.htm

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The InternetGetConnectedState API (which Macro Express is using) can report a false-positive under a certain circumstance. I don't know if you've ever seen this, but Internet Explorer can work in offline mode. What happens is Internet Explorer detects that there is no connection and will either attempt to dial-up the connection or it will ask you if you want to work in offline mode (depending on your settings). If you select offline mode, all* internet-enabled programs will act as though the internet connection is there, but they won't be able to get out to the internet.


You can check this out for yourself. If Macro Express is reporting that you are online when you are not, go into Internet Explorer and click on the File menu. If there is a checkbox next to "Work Offline" then all* of your applications (including Macro Express) will believe that there is an active internet connection and work accordingly.


I hope that this helps. It is frustrating, isn't it?



(* All programs that use InternetGetConnectedState will be fooled. Those that detect it by other means may not. However, most programs use this API as it is what Microsoft HIGHLY recommends to programmers).

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i am using Opera 7.5 I have IE remanamed IE.exe.gac so that it won't work (ya Ha ha).

Is Bill pissed & trying to 'fix' my (I own it) computer????



my 'network settings in the ctrl panel have primary as "windows logon' & 'family logon' is 'installed'.(why??? I dono)

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The problem is that even though Internet Explorer is renamed, the program is still there and is integrated with the system. In fact, the InternetGetConnectedState API is contained in a DLL provided by Internet Explorer 4.0 and later.


Within Windows, there is no way to completely remove IE. Even with programs that claim to do so, they can't remove every single piece. So, even if you don't use it, it is constantly affecting your system. This is one of the reasons Microsoft got in trouble for bundling IE. It's just tied too much into the system.

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