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Greeting all - you've been missed :P

I'm trying to use the FTP command in ME and I'm a little confused.

I connected successfully but when it get to the 'GET' part, I'm being told it cannot create the file for me. With the GET button selected I have two input windows. The top window has this entered, 'TSIP.USER.TSI9999.COMPLRPT.G%T15%V00'

and the lower window has this entered C:\TSI9999\%T15%.txt. Now, the lower window is only asking for a folder and if I do not add a filename, it barfs on that also.

The message I am getting is this;

'TSIP.USER.TSI9999.COMPLRPT.G1175V00' - Cannot create file C:\TSI9999\1175.TXT\'TSIP.USER.TSI9999.COMPLRPT.G1175V00'


You'll notice that the value 1175 has been added and it is from %T15%.

I think one of my questions based on this error message is, is the design such that the system trying to put my retrieved file in its original name into the folder? If so, that's kind of a bummer for me that I cannot rename the incoming as I can using FTP through DOS. Any help is always helpful.. B)

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I thought one of the ME expetrs might have answered this; I am no expert.


I would have tried;


Rename File or Files: "TSIP.USER.TSI9999.COMPLRPT.G%T15%V00"



But is this what you are after; and does it work?

I don't think you can do it all in one command, but nothing lost?


Best, Randall

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