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Macro Needs To Recognize If It Was Called By Anoth


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Here's my situation: I have two macros. Macro "A" performs certain functions and can be run by itself, if necessary. Macro "B" will call Macro "A" at a certain point. I want Macro "A" to perform certain lines but ignore certain other lines if it was called by Macro "B". Is this possible with a simple command (similar to If Macro Enabled/Disabled).


I've thought to assign a variable in Macro "B" and have Macro "A" check it, but I'd prefer to keep away from using too many vars.


What follows is a pseudocode example of what I'm talking about.


Run Macro B
Macro B: process stuff
Macro B: call Macro A

     Macro A:  process stuff
     Macro A:  If not called by Macro B
     Macro A:     do stuff
     Macro A:  end if
     Macro A:  do more stuff
     Macro A:  if called by Macro B
     Macro A:     return to Macro B
     Macro A:  display dialogue showing end of macro

Macro B:  process stuff
Macro B: display dialogue showing end of macro



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Hi, Machtyn. Welcome to the group.


The only way I see this happening is... like you said.. set a variable in Macro B and set your If statements in Macro A (if varaible = macro b, then run commands). If you are concerned about using too many variables... just before you set the variable, do a variable save command. Set the variable, run macro A, and at the point it comes back to Macro B, do a variable restore. This way, you are not using up any variables.

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Great! Thanks for the help. I did like I mentioned (set a var) and it works proper. I'm not using a whole lot of variables, so it's really only a concern of keeping variables straight in my head (that's what comments are for, though, right ;) )


Macro B: set %T99% to "Macro B"

  Macro A: if %T99% = "Macro B"
  Macro A:     do stuff (such as return to Macro B)
  Macro A: do other stuff
  Macro A: if %T99% <> "Macro B"
  Macro A:     do stuff, like display end of macro dialogue

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