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Me To Autoit Conversion?


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First off, ME is the best thing I've found for automation in a long time and I use it every day for work.


I recently ran across AutoIT and found that it doesn't really do anything I can't already accomplish with ME and since my fellow co-workers are more inclined to edit something in a GUI than in a script, we're sticking with ME, despite the cost. However, one feature it does have that I would REALLY like to see in ME is the ability to compile the scripts to .exe format to be run on ANY computer (with or without ME installed). This is handy, especially for setting up new machines with the myriad of programs we require at the office.


Since ME doesn't have this ability (the .mxe files are alright, but you need a player to get them to run), I'm wondering if there are any ME to AutoIT script converters out there that could convert our ME scripts to AutoIT format to be compiled to EXE? Maybe it's a stretch, especially considering differences in code structure, but I thought I'd ask the experts first.



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vbscript may be a viable option, now that I think about it. The only question then is how well it would be able to handle automating the installation of several programs in a row, including any necessary reboots.

Are you familiar with the registry keys





You can use these keys to store the names of one or more routines that must run once when you next reboot.

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