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Problem With Text Type?

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yeah... i'm using this script for a game:x but i dunno why it doesn't work




basically, i'm just trying to get it to do the esc key but it won't do it :x i dunno if this is what you wanted x_x

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I suspect it will always be a bit tricky in a game; in other apps, you would want to be sure you were in the correct Window or control by activating them first, to be sure of the correct response to "esc"; do you know if the cursor is at the right place before you press "esc"? does it work manually?

I may not be able to help much.

Good luck,


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Do other ME commands work in the game? I would suspect that if the game takes over the whole screen ME might not be able to function in this environment. For instance ME will not work in a full screen DOS application running in Windows.

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