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How Do I Use "wait For Web Page" With Opera?


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The e-mail message announcing the release of v. 3.5d states that it is now possible to use "Wait for Web Page" with browsers other than IE. I want to use it with Opera, but I can't figure out how. The e-mail gives a link to a macro for Netscape; it gives detailed instructions as to how a macro can determine which is the default browser; but it does not say how to make the command work for Opera. I am only writing macros for myself, and I prefer Opera, so my macros do not need to determine the default browser.


So is there anywhere I can find a "Wait for Web Page" command or macro that will work for Opera?

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The Wait for Web Page macro command only works with Internet Explorer.


You can, using existing macro commands, create a macro to perform a Wait for Web Page - like function. The link in the latest issue of the Macro Express News email newsletter (the Macro Express News Email Newsletter - July 13, 2005) is an example macro showing how to do this for Netscape. To use with Opera (or Firefox) you would need to create a similar macro.


As the documentation for that macro should say, the idea is to pick a location on the screen where the color changes when the browser is no longer busy. If I remember correctly, when I tried to use Opera, it had a tendancy to display the 'status' and then hide it. But there is a preference setting to leave it displayed all the time.


I hope this helps clarify things.


P.S. If you get a Wait for Web Page macro written for Opera and submit it to be shared, I will see that it gets published and that you get a Macro Express T-Shirt.

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