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Slow Behavior Since Upgrading To 3.5d


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Since I've upgraded to 35d, I've had several performance problems. When I click to save a macro, it takes at least 5 seconds (I counted). It used to be practically instantaneous. Also, I've sometimes had it hang for so long when switching back from another app, I had to close it out from the Task Manager - maybe if I had waited another 2 or 3 minutes it would have been OK, but I've never had this problem before. Is anyone else having these issues? Can I go back to a prior version without making any changes to my macro database? I'm on XP Home with SP2. Thanks!

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Welcome to the group brsnyder!


I am not experiencing this problem and I generally have several apps running at the same time. Are you accessing your macros over a network, or locally?


To answer your question, however, yes you can reinstall 3.5c without affecting your macro libraries BUT MAKE A BACKUP FIRST. Also, be sure to check the Install all files even if older checkbox.

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