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How To Open Document Based On A Template File


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I wanted to open a new document based on a template file (ex . microsoft word document, ".dot"). I used the function "Program launch". But ME open the template version (.dot) and not a new document (.doc).

How can I proceed?


thank for your help



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Hi again,


Like I'm working step by step, the problems come in also step by step.

I need to open also a document based on "xlt" but the tips "/t" in front of the path doesn't work.

I made a search on this forum and on microsoft newsgroups without result.


HAve you some idea?

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This may be more of an Excel issue rather than Macro Express and I am not an Excel expert. Macro Express allows you to launch a program, including Excel, with the proper command line parameters. If Excel doesn't offer the command line options you need, you may need to open excel and then click something like File and New from Template.


A google search turned up several interesting web pages. Perhaps one or more of them will help.


Here are some links talking about using .xlt files in Excel:








Here is a Microsoft article titled 'Customize How Excel Starts':



This Microsoft article documents the Startup Switches used in Excel:


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First of all, thank you for your research.

After having reviewed almost all the links, I tried not to more use the double quot marks (") which surrounded the location of the file.


In conclusion:

for a "dot" file : "/tContemporary Fax.dot" working

for a "xlt" file : /t name of the file.xlt !!! don't use the double quot mark and put a space between the start command and the filename.



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