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I swear CRS is setting in big time.....

I have a simple tab delimited text file containing multiple lines that look like the following;

TSI TSI200 40 0/00.00 0/00.00 0/00.00 1/12.54

TSI TSI300 40 0/00.00 0/00.00 0/00.00 1/12.54

TSI TSI400 40 0/00.00 0/00.00 0/00.00 1/12.54

TSI TSI500 40 0/00.00 0/00.00 0/00.00 1/12.54

TSI TSI600 40 0/00.00 0/00.00 0/00.00 1/12.54

TSI TSI700 40 0/00.00 0/00.00 0/00.00 1/12.54


Each day this text file will either have more lines, less lines, or none.

I would like to append this information to a Excel spread sheet.

Any help would be appreciated


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Is this what you did in the end?

<LAUNCHYES3:0:0112Excel<LAUNCH:C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\Book1.xls><WMAX:Excel><TEXTTYPE:<F5>><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Go To><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>s><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Go To Special><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>s<ENTER>><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Excel><BTFBEG:005:000001:000000:C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\tabs.txt><TEXTTYPE:<HOME><ARROW DOWN>><TEXTTYPE:%T5%><BTFEND><TEXTTYPE:<CONTROL>s>
- So quick and easy...
Activate or Launch: "Excel" OR "Book1.xls"

Window Maximize: "Excel"

Text Type: <F5>

Wait For Window Title: "Go To"

Text Type: <ALT>s

Wait For Window Title: "Go To Special"

Text Type: <ALT>s<ENTER>

Wait For Window Title: "Excel"

Text File Begin Process: "tabs.txt"

  Text Type: <HOME><ARROW DOWN>

  Text Type: %T5%

Text File End Process

Text Type: <CONTROL>s

Else; really slow, but interesting to me with Excel COM in MEBasic;

<LAUNCHYES3:0:0112Excel<LAUNCH:C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\Book1.xls><WMAX:Excel><TEXTTYPE:<F5>><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Go To><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>s><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Go To Special><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>s<ENTER>><WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Excel><CAPCONTROL:F:3:1:000037,000077><CCLICK:T:01:0:T:><VARGETCONT:1:1><REP3:08:000002:000002:0001:0:01:0><TMVAR2:11:01:00:001:001:><TMVAR2:05:01:01:000:000:><ENDREP><TERMPROC:001000:1:F:excel.exe><WAITPROG2:000010:000000:excel.exe><BTFBEG:005:000001:000000:C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\tabs.txt><NMVAR:08:01:0:0000001:0:0000000><NMVAR:05:01:0:0000006:0:0000000><TMVAR2:19:06:00:000:000:RowNumber><REM2:#Region --- MECodeWizard generated code Start ---Parse by Delimiter  --->MEBasic><TVAR2:01:01:StringSplit$["%T5%","%tab%","Name"]><MACRUN2:{_Basic ME Lite1}><TVAR2:02:01:%_Name_0%><TMVAR2:05:02:02:000:000:><NMVAR:08:02:0:0000001:0:0000000><REP3:01:000001:000001:%N2%:1:03:><NMVAR:01:04:1:0000003:2:0000064><ASCIIC:4:0:4><TMVAR2:19:04:00:000:000:ColumnLetter><TVAR2:02:11:_Name_%N3%><TMVAR2:19:02:00:000:000:Data><REM2:#Region --- MECodeWizard generated code Start ---Excel Cell Write  --->Wizard MEBasic><TVAR2:01:01:ExcelToCell$["C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\Book1.xls","1","%ColumnLetter%","%RowNumber%","no","%Data%",0,0]><MACRUN2:{_Basic ME Lite}><REM2:#EndRegion --- MECodeWizard generated code End ---ExcelToCell$><ENDREP><BTFEND><TVAR2:01:01:ExcelSave$["C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\Book1.xls",1,0]><MACRUN2:{_Basic ME Lite}>

Best, Randall

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