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I want to take a URL and extract the domain name. I've written a macro that does this, but since it's something that's critical to my workflow, I'd like to ask for your thoughts.


Is this the best way to do what I want? Are there any obvious flaws in what I've done?


The aim here is to get the domain name into T4. The URL is in T2, a variable that is restored when the macro begins.


// Restore all variables from memory.

Variable Restore All Variables

// Extract domain name.

// Strip "http://".'>http://".

Replace "http://" with "" in %T2%

// Put the position of the first remaining slash (i.e., end of domain name + 1) into an integer variable: N1

Variable Set Integer %N1% from Position of Text in Variable %T2%

// Reduce the value of N1 by 1.

Variable Modify Integer: %N1% = %N1% - 1

// Copy everthing from position 1 to N1 into T4.

Variable Modify String: Copy Part of %T2% to %T4%


Thanks for your help!



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