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Ascii Text File Process In Quickbooks


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Please see attachment. I am using ME to generate invoices in Quickbooks 2003 Basic. Everything works fine except for when the memo field is null. In that case something strange happens and ME tries to save the invoice before we’re done. Took me forever to figure out what was causing it because it doesn’t make any sense. Can someone tell me what’s going on here?


In detail I have CSV file that equates to each line entry in the invoice. It simply pastes each line in. But when the last field (memo) in the CSV record is null (empty) something causes QB to try and save the invoice. What’s even stranger is that it does it immediately at the beginning of that loop. IOW it doesn’t even start trying to paste in the values before the null item. As far as I can see ME could only be reading the text in to variables and something happens to cause a save. There are other lines but they are all conditional and would be skipped. I checked the variables but the variable, T6, is being saves as null. What could ME be doing?

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By Null, I think you mean Empty.


We probably do not use the same version of QuickBooks as you, and even if we do our invoice format is different. That being said, we do use macros for filling invoices and have no problems at all. Are you sure of your Text Type keystokes? Are you sure that the cursor is where it needs to be prior to each Text Type?


As Randall suggested, if the variable is empty, skip it.

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