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How To Check If Email Server Is Up

John Greiner

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I want to automatically check if my company's email server is sending and receiving. Does anyone have an elegant idea for how to do this? I hope to do it in the background without actually having to send and receive emails. I thought of using the Ping or If Ping Successful commands, but I don't think that will be a reiable test.


Any thoughts?

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Welcome to the group John!


A ping will only tell you if the server exists and is turned on, not necessarily what, if anything, it is doing. Using the Macro Express E-mail Send command will send an email in the background. In the example below I set a variable to the current date and time for placement in the Subject line, then send the email.


Date/Time: Save "ddd mmm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss" into %T1%
E-Mail Send: Know Recipients, Fixed Text, No Attachments

<DT:ddd mmm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ssT:01:1:><EMAIL2:Center:Center:Center:Center:Center:Center:RNR1TOyou@email.com|you@email.com;S1Email server is sending  %T1%A1>

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