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I threatened to share some of my subroutines that I was creating so today I’m making good on my promise to some extent. I only posted two on my website so far but you’re welcome to them. One was already common knowledge. Go to http://bluepointdesign.com/macros to see the result. For now I just stuck two up because some of the others have yet to be finalized or have some form of ugliness I want to fix before sharing. As soon as I get more I’ll post them there. I just thought it would be nice to start a repository of useful subroutines to hopefully save someone labor down the road.


Also since I’m a newbie I would love the comments of you all as to ways to do things better. Many of my macros already need to be redone because I have discovered a command or option that I did not know about then. So feel free to criticize. Oh, but you can’t criticize the rest of my website! I’ve been to busy writing macros to finish rolling out my new theme.

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Yes, thanks,

I am really lazy, though!

Can you add dummy files, folders, registry settings, or prompts for these [or prompts to create what is needed?] in the macros so I can see the end product of the macro action?

At present, they do nothing if I run them.

Best, Randall

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You're such a bum, didn't your father ever teach you to never look a gift horse in the mouth? Just kidding.


There really are no sample files needed and things like registry values are created automatically. For instance the date string thing will work on any file. But what I probably should do is create a simple parent macro demonstrating how to ingress and egress and display results. I'll look into that later.

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