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Waiting For A Value From A Status Bar


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I have a delphi app with a TStatusBar which contains 3 panels. I'm trying to write an ME macro to wait for a value in the first one, strictly speaking thats TStatusBar.TStatusPanel[0]. When I use the ME control finder it only finds the TStatusBar. When I wrote a loop in my macro to dump the contents of the control it always returns blank, even though I can see the values. I'm suspecting ME can't go deeper than the TStatusBar itself, which will have a blank caption, rather than its panels - is that right please? Thanks..

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When I last tried to read from a Status Bar it worked for me.


Get Control %C1% (Insight Software Solutions - All Products - Microsoft Internet Explorer: msctls_statusbar32)
Variable Get Control Text: %C1% to %T1%
Text Box Display: T1

Because the window control may change for each web page, you may need to use the Capture Control command instead of the Get Control. The Get Control command requires that you know the position of the control.


You can get the position and size of a Window using the Variable Set Integer %N1% from Top of Window, Variable Set Integer %N2% from Left of Window, Variable Set Integer %N3% from Width of Window, and Variable Set Integer %N4% from Top of Window commands.


This was discussed in this post: http://pgmacros.com/community/index.php?sh...3&hl=status+bar

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Hi guys,

Unfortunately, I think your assessment may be correct, though I have no "elphi" apps to check.

On the other hand, getting the control by position might still work, even if name does not; I thought it was the "Capture" control rather than "Get " control which did it by position; am I wrong, Kevin?

Best, Randall

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