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Recycle Bin For Network Deletions


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I want to have network file deletions in a macro go to the user's recycle bin. Is there an easy way to do this in one step? The best way I can see is to move the file to the local user’s hard drive and then delete it but that’s not very elegant. Any ideas?

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That's a good thought. But when I tried moving to the system hidden "Recycler" folder on my local machine the file just appeared next to the deleted items archives. IOW Windows wasn't smart enough to actually move it into the recycle bin. Oh well, my "Move to local hard drive first" method works and I guess the file needs to be copied over the network anyway so I guess there's no real time difference.


The thing that tickles my imagination is somehting I found by accident. When you delete somethign on the network it just dissapears but if you delete somethign on the network that is accessed thru "My Documents" (redirect MD to a network resource) it will go to the recycle bin. So it just seemed to me that there should be a way....

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