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This macro subroutine checks the users email settings and updates them as needed. It checks the registry values in ME for email address, user name and SMTP server to make sure they are correct and changes them if not. The user is prompted if this is their name and email address and if not right allows them to correct it.

I use this routine in macros where I use the email system or need the users email address. In general I like to use the registry to keep persistent settings for that workstation and usually define some in the miscellaneous key but in this case we need to adjust the ME email keys so ME can send email properly. In this case you will need to modify the macro for your SMTP server. Just replace the string IP1 with your server's address.


Beyond checking to make sure the setting are correct for the email send command I often use these registry values for data entry. For instance I have macros that enter meta data in Acrobat files which include the creator's name. I get this value from this registry value. And obviously anywhere you need the user's email address you can read this registry value to string.

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