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Hi, long time ago I created a simple scheduled macro in ME 3.4b, for deleting temp-files in:



I used following code:

Delete File or Files: ""



However from ME 3.5, Insight software intruduced some changes, so I couldn't use my macro any more.


There are 2 problems:

1. ME 3.5d can't ignore open/ used temp files. A dialog appears: "Error Deleting File or folder" because of sharing violation. Here ME 3.4b was much smarter, since this version smoothly and without any messages ignored open/ used files and deleted files which was possible to delete.

Please introduce that again.


2. It would be great if there was an option for "shift-delete", so Delete would bypass recycle-bin. The result is that performance is much better, and I don't need to restore temp-files using recycle bin.


regards Lars

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I can only think of a couple of possible workarounds. If it were me I would first consider:


1- You could run a loop for every file in the folder and put the delete command inside an "If File ready" so it will skip any that have locks.


2- You could use the DOS command "DEL" instead of the ME file deletion. This won't pump it to the recycle bin.

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Hi Cory, thanks for your work-around tip with a bat-file.

I created a bat-file with following:


del /s /f /q /aH "c:\temp\*.*"
del /s /f /q "c:\temp\*.*"
del /s /f /q /aH "c:\WINNT\Temp\*.*"
del /s /f /q "c:\WINNT\Temp\*.*"
del /s /f /q /aH "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson\*.*"
del /s /f /q "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson\*.*"


In ME I used:

Program Launch: "temp-del.bat"


However, it would still be nice if Insight Software would enhance the internal delete files command, where "ignore open files" & "shift-delete" bypassing recycle-bin then could be options.


regards Lars

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I wholeheartedly agree. I tend to critisise ME's shortcomings but it's like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Still it doesn't hurt to ask for enhancements. You should formally request this here. The guys are real receptive about this sort of thing.

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