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Won't Run If Windows Folder Is Open


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This seems like a simple or common problem, but I can't find any other posts about it. I'm running ME on windows XP, and find that macros won't run if any windows folders are open. If I am in the middle of a capture, the capture stops the moment I open any windows folder. No crashes or error messages--just immediate stoppage.




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Is there a message displayed when the macro stops? For example, do you see the the Windows XP message that says:

These files are hidden.


This folder contains files that keep your system working properly. You should not modify its contents.

Some messages that come from a low-level of Windows can stop macros.


This message is on by default in Windows XP but can be turned off.

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<Is there a message displayed when the macro stops?>


No, absolutely no message, warning, or crash of any kind. All I'm capturing are mouse moves and clicks. I am able to capture mouse moves and clicks involving programs, and even do browsing and alteration of files within a program (such as excel or word)--but the moment ANY windows folder outside of a program is opened, either on the desktop or elsewhere, all capture stops. In addition, if a windows folder is open and a macro is initiated, NOTHING happens...as though it was not even intiated at all. No error log is created from such an attempt. No crashes result either. If I close the windows folder, macros work again, no troubles. This problem is so fundamental that, when I realized no one else was experiencing it, I upgraded XP to service pack 2, uninstalled and then reinstalled ME, and then tried again with same results. I also made sure nothing was in the startup area or odd background programs running. I've been researching a bit about automation security within windows---perhaps I need to figure out how to disable automation security.


Regards Gov

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Well, I've gotten around this problem with one of my favorite solutions--SHAREWARE---I found a nifty folder browsing program called Universal Explorer for 39 bucks that gets the job done and doesn't disable ME. I think there's definately some sort of security measure in XP that needs to be disabled in order for me to run macros with a windows folder open, but I just haven't found it. No matter--I'm off and running!




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