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Won't Wait For Wav Files To Finish Playing..


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Hi.. this is my first post here so please be gentle with me - I've searched for an answer to this but not found one.. this macro to play a sequence of wav files from a folder hits trouble because it won't wait until longer files have finished playing until the next step.. even though "wait for wav file to finish" is checked in the macexp player..


All advise welcome.. thank you rgds tim






<TITLE>Playout Log</TITLE>





><DT: hh:mm:ss dd MMMM yyyy F:00:1:><TEXTTYPE:<BR><ENTER>><TBOX4:T:3:CenterCenter000278000200:000:pilkington><WAV1:C:\dtmf.wav><TBCLOSE:pilkington><TDELAY:1><TBOX4:T:3:CenterCenter000278000200:000:Playing%T1%><WAV1:C:\play\%T1%><WAITWLF2:000010:000000:wm><TBCLOSE:Playing><DOFILE:08:NN:c:\play\%T1%>><ENDREP><ACTIVATE2:Notepad><TEXTTYPE:</BODY>




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How long are your 'longer' wav files? I tried your macro using several wav files and it works fine here. But, I do not have any wav files that are longer than a few words.


When Macro Express plays a wav file it sends a message to Windows asking Windows to play it. The message contains flags to tell Windows to wait until the sound file has finished playing. If I remember correctly, there is a message that can be sent to interupt the playing of a sound file. If the wav file you are playing is long enough, it could be that another process in Windows is sending a message to stop playing the current sound file and play a new one. This is just a guess.

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