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Alphabetically Homing In On List Of Links


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We have to very quickly and repeatedly access many, many files, folders and websites. I do that by opening a folder containing an organized list of lots of shortcut links, scrolling through over a hundred of these links, and eventually finding and clicking on the one I need. Additional links are added every so often.


We would like to drastically speed up the process by using easy-to-remember nicknames for some of the links, so that we could type the nickname from anywhere and thereby trigger the link. I looked over the PopUp and Floating Menus, but I think that they would require more time & effort to modify over time. Is there a way to do something like this:


1. Dump all my links into one folder and give each of them a simple, mnemonic nickname, and


2. Have a little dialog box either reside as a taskbar toolbar or pop-up when triggered by a hotkey, and


3. Then I would start to type in the nickname, Mx would display an alphabetical listing of the links, and Mx would "home-in" on the target link alphabetically, getting closer and closer as I typed more and more of the nickname.


For example, say that I need to go to the USNetwork link to open a folder, launch a spreadsheet or have IE open a website. I go to the toolbar or dialog box, which contains a list of links like these:








* At first, AppleComputer would be highlighted.

* Type "U", and the list scrolls to highlight "USAirForce".

* Type "S", and nothing changes.

* Type "N", and the list scrolls to highlight "USNavy".

* Type "e", and the list scrolls to highlight "USNetwork".

* Doubleclick or press "Enter" to trigger the "USNetwork" shortcut.


I know that I've seen this "homing in" type of process before, someplace, but I can't figure out how to do it with MacroExpress. Any ideas would be appreciated.




Jeff Mazor

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