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Ctrl + F - Find Text On A Web Page


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I downloaded the trial version and trying to get to know the proggi (which I think is just great!!!!, stumpled over it completely by accident) started out with quite a simple operation:


trying to click a button on a web page


Browsing throught the forum I found following thread ...




.. advising to use CTRL+F for 'approaching' the relevant button since tabbing through the whole web page one easily ends up with like 25 tabs until the next web-updates makes that obsolete and you have to record the whole tabbing thing again.


So tried the search but since I am a complete newbie to the prog I seem to be doing sth wrong (the search field doesn't even pop up when I execute the macro).


Macro Script:


1. <HTTP:s1.amazon.de/exec/varzea/sdp/sai-thank-you/028-0099386-5990128>

2. <DELAY:0,5>

3. <CTRLD>


5. <CTRLU>

6. <TEXTTYPE:Suche anhand von ISBN>






1. I open the web page

2. with a delay

3. control key down

4. typing F

5. control key up

6. Texttype: "Suche anhand von ISBN" is the text I am trying to find right in front of the relevant Tab

7. Enter

8. one Tab to get to the web button

9. And finally escape to close the CTRG + F field.


I can't figure out what I am doing wrong (esp since what I am trying to do is really simple); any suggestion would be great.


Feel like a dumb ass not eving getting sth like this to work;


for some reason capturing the macro doesn't really work, executing it makes it work sometimes and sometimes it just stops in the middle.



sorry for any English blunders ...




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Try changing lines 2 and 4 to something like this.




Web Site: s1.amazon.de/exec/varzea/sdp/sai-thank-you/028-0099386-5990128

Wait for Web Page: "s1.amazon.de/exec/varzea/sdp/sai-thank-you/028-0099386-5990128"

Control Key Down

  Text Type: f

Control Key Up


Line 2 is a Wait for Web Page command. It will pause until IE reports to windows that it is done loading page.


Im line 4 change the case of the letter f to lowercase. I and others here have experienced issues when using an uppercase letter with CTRL or ALT.

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I think you need to wait for the "Find" window to gain focus, insert your text, prexx enter, wait for find window to lose focus etc;

then "Shift-Tab" "tab" enter to hit that link (or tab to the link).

Best, Randall

[cf the first page in the thread from my signature "WebEdit" - the earliest example uses "control-find", I think, though I prefer the later ways of doing it]

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thanks for the quick replies ... I tried everything suggested but the problem was somewhere else:


it's the OPERA BROWSER I am using!


installed firefox and it worked fine with that but even with the modifications it didn't get the search field to pop up in opera.


so I think I am gonna have to switch to IE when working with macro express:








I downloaded the WebEditButtons.mxe - is that what you suggested ?


anyways, thanks again for the support (:

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1. instead of :"alt-v-c" to get the source html text to clipboard, use "alt-v-o" in Opera (and similar in Firefox); then

2. instead of "Alt="Edit Post") as search text, search for the type of link and text or http you want, and

3. change any parsing/ searching as needed (that macro is looking for the name of any image text; specifically "Edit Post" on this forum or similar)

4. change the macro you call once the "Web page" command is run from the retrieved link.

Best Randall

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