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Any Other Way To Stop The Macro


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Hi, I'm new to this forum and have been using macroexpress for few months, but just for my online game :D


Anybody can help me? I have one situation: I have one macro that run non-stop and everytime I have to force it to stop by pressing the abort key. <_<


Now, my quenstion is how do i write a script that will enable me to press a key and it will terminate all my loops inside that macro.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Alex,


There's a command in the Macro Control section called "Macro Stop." This will immediately stop your macro and any macros which may have called it. Alternatively you can issue "Macro Return," which will stop the current macro and return control to the calling macro.


Now the problem is, how do you know when to issue one of those commands? As far as I know there is no way in ME to test whether a key has been pressed. (You can wait for a particular key to be pressed, but that's a different thing entirely.) I wish ME did have such a capability (or if it does, for one of the gurus here to point out how to do it)!


Can you use the mouse to signal that your macro should stop? If so, I'd suggest you either use the "Get Mouse Position" command and test whether it's in a particular position (like the upper left hand corner of the screen, [0,0]), or alternatively you can use the "If Window Not On Top" command and click outside of your game window to signal that the macro should stop.


Good luck,


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Hi Jim,


Thanks for your info and suggestion. You are right that ME don't have the option to capture key pressed (this is the procedure i want to find).


I'll try the mouse signal. Hopefully I can figure out something to replace the "capture key press". :D


Thanks again, Jim.

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