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I would love to see a new IF / Conditional / Logic command that would check system idle state and could provide the ability to carry out commands ONLY IF the system has been idle for at least XX minutes.


Anyone else ever wanted this ability?


Is this possible now with some sort of workaround?

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Good point.


I should have specified that I know about those macros (have a few running myself), but they only run *once* XX minutes after idle time starts.


I want a macro that runs over and over (every 15 minutes) during idle time.


So basically, it's a macro that runs every 15 minutes (even during non-idle time), but has a conditional statement "if this is idle time, carry out the next commands, otherwise, don't".


Make sense? Thanks for the feedback.

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You can schedule a macro to run after a specified number of minutes of idle time (it's called Time Out in ME for some strange reason). I've experimented with this a bit and am not convinced it's reliable, but the feature does exist.
The 'Idle Time' means that keyboard and mouse events have not occurred for a while. In other words, the user hasn't done anything for a while. Macro Express does not monitor CPU utilization. A Time Out macro will activate even though a program, such as a virus scanner, is actively using many CPU cycles.
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