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I previously wrote about my need for very, very fast access from anywhere to websites, programs, files and folders, to be accomplished by just typing a keyword (i.e., mnemonic). [i also wanted to "home in on" the keyword as I typed, but that seems to be more trouble than its worth for this purpose].


The following script accomplishes my purpose. Maybe it will be of use to others.


Before using the macro, I set up a folder ("c:\!Mnemonics") and I populate it with Internet Shortcuts to websites and regular Links to programs, folders or files. I like to keep them as short as my memory, i.e., just OneWord!


The macro first prompts for the keyword, and then sets T1 to equal a full path file name composed of the path to the !Mnemonics folder plus the keyword the user types in. Example: "c:\!Mnemonics\Newsweek".


Then the macro changes the filename into an Internet Shortcut formatted name by adding ".URL" to the name (i.e., "c:\!Mnemonics\Newsweek.URL") and then checks to see if such a file exists. If so, it uses the Web Site command to launch IE and navigate to the website. If not......


The macro then takes the Path&Filename (i.e., "c:\!Mnemonics\Newsweek") but this time it appends the ".LNK" extension to create the name of a typical link file (i.e., "c:\!Mnemonics\Newsweek.LNK"). Once again the macro checks to see if such a File Exists in the folder. If so, it uses the Open Folder command to launch the program, open the folder, or open the file (with its associated program).


Finally, if no corresponding Internet Shortcut or Link is found in the !Mnemonics folder, the macro tells the user and opens the !Mnemonics folder so that the user can make his/her own selection.


So far it seems to work just fine for shortcuts to every website, program, folder or file that I have tried it with. What I really like is that its very fast and it uses only the keyboard - no mouse handling required.


Let me know if you like it or have any other ideas on this type of macro.


Special thanks to Cory and Joe for all the ideas that enabled me to do this.



Jeff Mazor












// Set T1 to 'c:\!Mnemonics\Hook', where "Hook" is the word provided by the user

Variable Set String %T1% "C:\!Mnemonics\"

Variable Set String %T2% from Prompt

Variable Modify String: Append %T2% to %T1%

// Set T3 to "c:\!Mnemonics\Hook.URL"

Variable Set String %T3% "%T1%"

Variable Modify String: Append ".URL" to %T3%

If File Exists "%T3%"

Web Site: %T3% [Default Browser]

Macro Stop


// Set T3 to "c:\Mnemonics\Hook.LNK"

Variable Set String %T3% "%T1%"

Variable Modify String: Append ".LNK" to %T3%

If File Exists "%T3%"

Open Folder: %T3%

Macro Stop

End If

End If

Pause: Complex

Open Folder: c:\!Mnemonics\

Macro Stop




<REM2:Set T1 to 'c:\!Mnemonics\Hook', where "Hook" is the word provided by the user><TVAR2:01:01:C:\!Mnemonics\><TVAR2:02:02:FEnter Mnemonic:TFCenter:Center><TMVAR2:08:01:02:000:000:><REM2:Set T3 to "c:\!Mnemonics\Hook.URL"><TVAR2:03:01:%T1%><TMVAR2:07:03:00:000:000:.URL><IFOTH:01:2:%T3%><HTTP2:1:F:%T3%><MSTOP><ELSE><REM2:Set T3 to "c:\Mnemonics\Hook.LNK"><TVAR2:03:01:%T1%><TMVAR2:07:03:00:000:000:.LNK><IFOTH:01:2:%T3%><MYCOMP:%T3%><MSTOP><ENDIF><ENDIF><PAUSE2:000147,000385Can't find %T2%. Click 'Resume' to see list.T><MYCOMP:c:\!Mnemonics\><MSTOP>

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