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Weird Pastings From Copy


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I just copied this:


Macro Run: To Print ALL-Choose Your Episode


and got this when I pasted it:


<TEXTTYPE:Macro Run: To Print ALL-Choose Your Episode>


I used the copy text command and then clicked on paste.


Any clues why it would do this? I do this all the time when I'm changing my type of print options and never had a problem. Ewwww... all I can say it was really messing with my head for this Friday afternoon!




Never mind... don't USE THE COPY TEXT COMMAND...

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if you want to copy a command in your macro to paste it elsewhere in this macro (or in another macro), simply use "normal" copy-paste methods (Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V for instance)


if you want to copy a command to paste as text (on this forum maybe), then you should use the "copy command text" command


as you copied your command as plain text, when you pasted it ME converted it to a "text type" command

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THANKS Nicolas... yea i FINALLY saw it... do that copy/paste command all the time because most of my macros are the same thing with only the printing option changing! I just couldn't see it, finally I doubled click on it and when it opened the "Text" box, well I almost fell over having wasted over an hour going thru the macro step-by-step, but obviously with my eyes closed! Oh well another lesson learned. ;)

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