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A Big Problem With The Program


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I have a big problem.

It comes with 3.x .

I have now nearly 80 macros in my list and my system is really slow. First i did not know that the problem comes with Macro express but i really reinstalled my system completely new and at the moment i installed macro express it happens.

Than i tried to change the macro file from mymacro folder to the normal standard macro folder (macex.mex or sample.mex) and all worked fine. I changed it again to my own macro and all slows down.

Now i deleted nearly 10 not so necessary macros and than it runs fast again.

But i could not find any mistakes in these macros. Only thing i can say (but i am not sure) is that i also deleted 2 macros with a "control" activation. Both "Control" macros are setting up for IE.

But they both run in an other macro folder with nothing else in it.



Any idea what i can test to find out? Or what i can change?

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Sometimes (as often as a couple of times a week) I have a problem with ME sucking up 90%+ of my CPU resources (P4 3.2Ghz HT) which brings my system to halt. Sometimes I detect the problem while a macro is running, other times, while ME should be idle. Not sure if a scheduled macro fires before the problem happens or not. When problem occurs, I open Task Manager and select MacExp.exe on the Proccesss tab and then select End Process.


As to the number of macros in you macro library causing the problem, I have over 400 macros in library on 3 PC's and don't seem to have any issues with it.

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Thanks but NO this could not be the problem.

If i change the macro library to an other everything works fine.

Also i have the running icon in the task so i can see if a macro is running - but there is no icon.

I tried it again this day and it must be something with the "control"

i set up all my macros and system (most IE (Netcaptor)) iss slow.

Than i just delete 6 macros with "control" activation and its running real fast.

So it must be somithg wrong with my control activations - maybe Macro express must work hard to have a look if the control fits the macro?????

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If Macro Express finds at least one Control or Window activated macro it activates a loop that looks for the specified Windows Control or Window every 1/4 second. This does use CPU time. On faster computers this is not noticable. However on slower computers this can have a noticable effect.


The more windows you have open on your system, the longer it will take Macro Express to perform the check. Note that not all windows are visible and even hidden windows are examined by Macro Express. There are utilities you can use to view the windows or you can use a simple macro to do this using Repeat with Windows macro command:

Activate or Launch: "notepad" OR "notepad.exe"
Repeat with Windows: Place title in %T1%
 Text Type: %T1%
Repeat End

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Yes it was the "control" thing.


I changed all controls to no activation and use now the multible choice menu for those .

Its not so good as the control feature but my system is running fast now and there are just one or two keystrokes more i have to press

i can live with this



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  • 8 years later...

The problem: high CPU usage when running timed based macros.

Applies to: both v.3 and v.4

The fix: change the Delay Type (under Set Delay) from the default [Delay in Seconds] to [Timed Delay in Seconds]


This issue plagued me for years. I recreated most of my macros in AutoHotkey since it could run the same processes without dragging down the computer. Problem is AutoHotkey lacks the ease of use that is MacroExpress. The fix is to change the Delay Type from the default [Delay in Seconds] to [Timed Delay in Seconds]. Don't know why it makes a difference but a macro that pegged all cores on my 32GB 3.5GHz i7 at over 90% usage will show no CPU usage with the switch.


I stumbled across this fix a loooong time ago but being the ass that I am I never shared the info. And, since I haven't see this fix posted elsewhere I'm going to spam it anywhere I see peeps asking about CPU overload.





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