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Opens A New Window In Ie With Mouseclick?


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Can i do this?

If yes .............how?


Quite simple - I just want to click on a link in IE and this link should not open in the same window - it should open in a new Window!


so normally i use the right mouse button and klick on "open in a new Window"


But i want to open all links in a new window - so how can i set up a new macro which only acts and works in ie when i click on a link without using a shortcut.

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How about

If Mouse Cursor is Internet Navigate

  Text Type: <APP>n

End If

Set "Properties/Mouse Click/ Left; set all screen"

Set "Scope/ - Microsoft Internet Explorer" if you want

Best Randall

[EDIT - see below; don't need a macro if you use "shift" key; or program it that way]

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Kevin, are you sure its the CTRL key?


Another approach would be something like this:


Control Key Down

Mouse Left Button Click

Control Key Up


I always held the SHIFT key down while clicking on a link to force that link to open in a new browser window.

I tried the CTRL key manually and it does not force a new window for any of my systems.

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