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Hi All,


I am using Windows XP and IE6. I created a simple macro to go back to the previous web page after opening a link in the same window. The script is "<Alt>vob" (without the quotes) and the hotkey is F8. I assigned F8 to the thumb button on my mouse. My macro works if the link opens in the same window, but fails if the link opens in a new window.


I created a second macro to close a new window, but I want to create one macro that covers both situations. In other words, I will be returned to the previous page if the link opens in the same window, but if the link opens in a new window, the macro will close the new window and return to the original window. I suspect that this could be done via logic, variables, window controls, etc. but I'm not familiar with these advanced features.


Any ideas?


One further question: Is it possible to tweak the registry or create a macro that will FORCE every link to open in the same window? This would be an even better solution than the above. It seems that I spend a lot of time closing numerous IE windows, and sometimes close the original window by mistake. I've always wondered why website developers think that we all enjoy this annoyance.



Key Bored

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I'm not sure how reliable (won't work properly and will shutdown if both Web Pages in links in same explorer have same window title, as it relies on a change....), but seems to work?...

<TVAR2:01:06:><TEXTTYPE:<ALT><ARROW LEFT>><WAITWEB2:000010:000000:><TVAR2:02:06:><IFVAR2:4:02:1:T1><WCLS:"CURRENT"><ENDIF>
Variable Set String %T1% from Window Title

Text Type: <ALT><ARROW LEFT>

Wait for Web Page: ""

Variable Set String %T2% from Window Title

If Variable %T2% = variable %T1%

  Window Close: Current Window

End If

I doubt the registry issue, cause it's a java thing from the Website, probably....

Best, Randall

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