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I'm sure that this is a "dumb question" but I've skimmed the instructions and the help-files thoroughly and I'm coming up with no description or example of what I'm trying to do. Let me add, that I have about 1 hour's experience with Macro Express having bought the program this week.


I'm working with rows of data in Excel and copying/pasting these data into dialog box windows in a web-based program. That I can do, no problem.


The problem is that unlike a relative reference macro written in Excel (my only macro-writing experience to date), I can't get Macro Express to move to the 2nd row of data the second time its run. The last step of my macro recording is to highlight the first cell (in the second row); the starting point I want to use the next time the macro is run.


The macro runs with an absolute reference to the row of data I recorded it in, rather than picking up the data in row 2.


Is this explained somewhere and I'm just not using the right term to search it out? If it's not too much trouble to explain the process here, I'd be grateful for the help.

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I think you're trying to get your macro to "remember" the row it used last time it ran. If that's the case, you'll need to "persist" the row number into a file, or preferably into the registry. At the beginning of your macro, you simply read in the registry value, increment its value by 1, and store the new value back into the registry.


You'll also have to work out how to reset the registry value to 0 when you want to start again at row 1.

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