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A Little Help With A Part Of A Macro


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i created a macro which should help me to download nearly automatic some files


looks like this



This macro really works fine and i have no problem with it.


Only thing i want to change is this


normally i click on a download link and than tha macro does his job

but after that the mouse cursor is on the position where the last button to click was .


Now i think there must be any chance to place the cursor on the last link i clicked on the webpage and not at the last positon he was

the macro just have to remember not the last click

it must remember the click befor or 3 clicks befor


any chance to do this?

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Thanks but i think this will not really help me.


What i want is a macro who works in every webpage i open



Again what i do is this

Open a page

click on a link

A window opens with named "Download"


Than the macro starts


the macro only clicks on "Save" in the window


thats all


than the next popup window opens where i can save the file ("save as")


mouse cursor jumps to the OK Button and now all i have to do is click on it and the file was saved in my folder.


thats all


But now i just want the mouse curser to jump from the place where it was at last ( the last click was on the "OK" Button) to the last position of the page where i clicked at the link to save.



So the macro has to remember the last position where the cursor was when clicking on the link

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Have you tried saving the mouse cursor position before clicking on the link and restoring it at the end of the macro? Perhaps something like this will work:

Variable Set Integer %N1% from Mouse X Position
Variable Set Integer %N2% from Mouse Y Position

// Do macro stuff

Mouse Move Window %N1%, %N2%

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