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I am wanting to know if there is away to use the macro stop command to abort the macro without displaying a dialog box saing the macro has been aborted.


I will be scheduling the macro to run at night and would like for it to abort without any error messages on the screen.


Thanks in advance.

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you could use "macro return" instead of "macro stop" ? or maybe use the "log errors" command with option "do not display error messages" ?


on my computer, "macro stop" does not display any message, I suppose I had activated an option somewhere but I can't remember where :(

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Another way to prevent the Macro Stop command from displaying a dialog when invoked is to download the free Macro Express utility TweakMe3.mxe. Import it into any library and then run it (it is just a macro). You will see several advanced features that you can set, or turn off or on. One of them is the Macro Stop abort message.


It has been my experience that the Macro Stop dialog does not appear if the command is used in a top-level macro. It will appear, however, if invoked from a lower-level macro that is run via the Macro Run command. The Macro Return command, as Nicolas suggested, never presents a dialog when invoked and is our command of choice for stopping a macro.


Everybody's situation is different. We usually invoke stopping a macro application only from the top-level macro. Lower-level macros are designed to return to the caller if possible when an error occurs. Therefore, using the Macro Return command in a top-level macro stops the macro same as the Macro Stop command.

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