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Me Versions, Some Thoughts


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Hi, I was just wondering a little about the release pace of ME.

Back in june 2003, I bought a ME license, at that time it was version 3.4 or 3.4a.

Today more than 2 years later, we have 3.5d, which basicly are a newer point release.

When if anyone knows, can we expect a major release (4.0) and is there anykind of information about wich features to expect?


ps: I'm a very happy user of ME :)


regards Lars

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We have been working on a major upgrade to Macro Express over the past 3 years. Several of the features that will be in the new version required that we rewrite extensive portions of the program.


We are torn between sharing information with our valued customers and making promises we cannot keep. Until now our policy has been to not publicly discuss the next major release for Macro Express. There are several reasons for this. We do not yet have a firm completion date. We do not want to promise features that we cannot implement or a schedule that we cannot meet. We do not yet even know what this product will be named. I can say this, however. We have started using the new version of Macro Express internally, replacing Macro Express 3 on our employee’s computers.


We are committed to Macro Express and will continue to update Macro Express 3. We anticipate releasing a version of Macro Express 3 that will improve compatibility with Windows Vista.

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