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Help! Making Control Objects Static?


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I am using "Capture Control" to define a control variable on a dynamic window (e.g. a context menu). (Using "Get Control" causes the window to disappear, because Get Control uses the mouse, and my window interacts with the mouse.)


Nowhere can I find out how to make the dynamic control variable defined by Capture Control to be saved for use at another runtime. This other runtime then would not use Capture Control, but would be utilizing the saved control variable.


"Get Control" remembers the targeted control (put in a more accurate C/C++ way, Get Control at developer time can determine the control object at which it is targeted, and then defines this as a Static within itself; then at runtime, Get Control loads the control variable with this Static object structure.)


(I have tried to even use Get Control to define a likely but arbitrary static object, and then modify the class or text properties of the variable loaded from the static. But any attempt to do so crashes ME3.5d bigtime. Obviously, this is a bug in ME, but is only a red herring for me, as I suspect that my basic object structure is probably even different between my arbitrary static, and that of my desired dynamic window. This was a last ditch idea even so.)


But I absolutely cannot figure out how to save or "staticize" a value that has been defined by the runtime dynamic "Capture Control", or any other dynamic control variable.


Any ideas? As I am new to ME, I must seek others' sage advice at this point.

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The only option to save and restore the content of a control variable is to use the 'Variable Save Control Variables' and 'Variable Restore Control Variables' commands. However, these commands save and restore all control variables and any variables saved with the 'Variable Save' command are lost when your computer or Macro Express are restarted.

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