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How 2 Avoid Recursive Call?


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The database program uses the F9 key to open a file that is listed in a field by running the program associated with the extension of the text in the field and opening that file.


The database program uses the F9 ONLY when there is a certain view "documents".


There is another view "Facts" where the F9 key does not do this. But by other mouse/key strokes, I can open the linked file just as F9 does.


I've written a macro that does all those steps, but...


I can determine which view I'm in and use logic to choose which program branch executes. If I see that the DBF is in the "documents" view, I would like the macro to text in "F9" and let the internal DBF function work. Since Macro Express traps the F9 keystroke, if I have the macro Key F9, the macro runs again (only once though and puzzles me but I don't care). I thought there'd be a "IF MACRO RUNNING" function, but not. I tried "disabling the F9 macro before "keying in the F9" but that doesn't seem to do it.

I know I can adopt another hotkey altogether and either run my code or key in F9, but that's "inelegant" <g>.


Is there a "key in 'non-macro triggering' text"?

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Perhaps you could use the Scope properties to allow the HotKey activated macro to run only when a certain window or program is running.


I also use another approach for one of my macros. When I press the HotKey the macro checks a series of window titles and/or program names using the If Window Title is on top and/or If Program Name is running macro commands. If non of the programs or windows are found, then I perform a TextType of the original HotKey. This works quite well for me.

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