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Good Afternoon all


I have run the calculator tutorial and it worked fine. I am new (since yesterday) to this macro express program. I have a script that will do data entry based on wait times and reading from a file. However it would be more robust if it waited for specific things to happen and then proceeded.


I can not get a screen control to work in the web based data entry program that I am trying to automate. My first question is - where can I find a dictionary defining the terms like control and focus etc?


Macro Express seems to like to look for a window title. In my application there will be a pop up with no title and text like "enter employee ID" and a box beside that where the data goes. What I would like the script to see is the "enter employee ID" text and then know that the cursor is in the data entry box for employee ID. Can it do that?


your advice would be most appreciated,

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