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Partial window title - I'm stumped


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The Activate or Launch commamd says it accepts a 'partial' window title. For mre

it only seems to work with an EXACT title.


If I open SketchUp for example the title says "Untitled - SketchUp", which will work

fine if I enter that.


But I try to use just "SketchUp" iy won't find that window. It seems that if it supposed

to be working as if there are built in before and after WILDCARD characters, but I

can't get it to act a PARTIAL title.


Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding the whole thing abou titles.


I'm using MX on Win7 (64).




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You might want to consider upgrading to the latest version. There have been a bunch of things fixed since v


Another suggestion is to use something like "- SketchUp" in the window title. Some programs have invisible windows with the same or similar name as the visible one. The activate commands can be sent to the hidden window instead of the visible one.

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