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Citrix wait cursor problem


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Hi All,


I created one macro which is running perfectly in my desktop..


Now i want to use the same macro in citrix platform. macro is almost running in citrix but the problem is i am using "wait for cursor" command in my macro so it is strucking on that place.


Can you please some one explain Is there is any alternative command is avaliable for "Wait for Cursor".


As per my understanding "Wait for Cursor" is the best solution because once if i press a button that particular program doing some process so cursor style is changing that why i am using.







Please let me know the alternative for Wait for Cursor method ASAP.






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You will likely need completely different strategies to detect system changes when running MEP in a networked environment.


I have experienced this with macros that detect pixel colour changes. I needed to develop different macros for use over a Virtual Private Network.

I ended up using a lot of timed delays, which I normally avoid.

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