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Help With Variables Needed


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Welcome to the group!


One option is to use the text Type command. Let's say you saved the user's input to string T1 using the command Variable Set String %T1% from Prompt. Now you just need to activate the other program, move to the text box and then enter the text into it using the Text Type: %T1% command.

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Thanks for the welcome and for the help. That should help out a fair bit.


So the text type: %T1% enters the data stored in the variable T1.

Is there anyway I could set a limit on it, for example:

the prompt appears;

user types in value;

prompt doesnt appear the next time I use the macro;

after the macro is used ten times it asks for a new value;


Is that possible to do with a macro? or does that go beyond its capabilities?

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I have a macro that does the first half of that. It attempts to read a value from the registry. If it is not found, then the macro asks the user for it. After the user has entered it once, they do not have to enter it again.


You could take this one step farther by saving the an integer in the registry. Each time the macro runs it could read the value, increment it, and save it back into the registry. Then you could ask for the first value again when this integer reaches 10.

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