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Input File name automatically

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Hi Friends


I am running a macro program which snipes my desktop at regular period and i want to name the files 1.jpg 2.jpg and so on


I currently dont know which option to be added in macro so as to fix the file name and save it and run the macro automatically.


the process i have taken so far is that the save dialog box appear and input file name and press enter

and start macro using hot key


is there any way to fix my problem


thanks in advance

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You will need to create a new macro to increment the filename counter and save the file. This new macro will be activated by the appearance of the save dialog box window - Add Activation / Window Title / Window is Opened (or Window Gains Focus - whichever works more reliably). Assuming that your main macro is always active while this process is taking place, you may want to add some logic into this new macro to check that the main macro is running (you'll have to look after the logic here yourself since there is no If Macro Running command - use a "shared" variable, or the registry); the reason for this is that the same save dialog box window may appear in other contexts where you don't want to have it generate and save a file automatically.

If you need more help, just ask (and perhaps provide details, or an image, of the save dialog box window).

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Are you saying you have an option to save the file without the 'save as' dialog box?


In cases like these I simply store an integer someplace, usually the registry, and increment it and write back each time.

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