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Date/Time: possible bug?

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IMO, subtracting 16 hours from a Date/Time of 02/03/2013 15:00:00 should give the result 01/03/2013 23:00:00. But I get 30/12/1899 01:00:00.


Subtracting 14 hours gives the correct result.


// Set a fixed Date/Time as dtValue1
Date/Time: Set dtValue1 to "02/03/2013 15:00:00" // Set to 15:00 on 2nd March 2013.
Variable Modify Date/Time: %dtValue2% = %dtValue1% - 14 Hours // Subtract 14 hours.
Text Box Display: Result after subtracting 14 hours
Variable Modify Date/Time: %dtValue2% = %dtValue1% - 16 Hours // Subtract 16 hours.
Text Box Display: Result after subtracting 16 hours


A demo macro is attached. (Ignore its trivial typo.)


Terry, East Grinstead, UK


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Looks like a bug to me. The 1899 date suggests it's loosing the integer portion of the time. Or something like that. An interesting quirk on the beginning of time in Delphi which I wrote about on my webpage.


This sounds reminiscent of something I've seen before. Something with a date/time bug, maybe back in the beta days.

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