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Hi All,


Is there any way by which i can create a pop-up showing three options(Yes, No and N/A) instead of two (usually shows 2 options i.e Yes, No or True False etc.). When a user clicks on any option an event should fire depending on the option selected by user.


I know how to use If Message option but it only shows max 2 options under it.The only one way that comes to my mind is giving a Multiple Choice Menu option.


Is there other appropriate method how i can get the desired reults ?


Thanks in Advance !!


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Not buttons like you want but you can do a Multiple Choice Menu.


For this I usually create a simple WinForm app in .NET and run the program and run it with the External Script command.

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Hi Gagan,


You might check out an approach I used a while ago to handle 15 options. Your requirement would be much simpler, with a mere 3 options instead of 15.


My macro displays this image:




That shows 15 options, A to O. A mouse click switches the macro accordingly. In my case it positions the target window (a folder, program, etc) in the approprate screen position. The script is straightforward and looks like this:


// Assumes target window is activated.
Variable Set String %tCurrentWindow% to topmost window title
Program Launch: "Grid+Letters.jpg" (Normal)
Wait for Window Title: Grid+Letters.jpg - IrfanView
Window Move and Size: Move "<Current Window>" to (680,378) and size to 392 x 378

Wait for Left Mouse Click
Get Mouse Position into (nX, nY) Relative to Screen

If Variable %nX% Is Greater Than "695"
If Variable %nX% Is Less Than "774"
If Variable %nY% Is Greater Than "478"
If Variable %nY% Is Less Than "525"
Variable Set String %tChoice% to "A"
End If

There are 15 such tests. These are followed by 15 decision steps:

Switch( %tChoice% )
Case: A
Macro Run: Current window 480x586 1of8
End Case
Case: B
Macro Run: Current window 480x586 2of8
Case: O
Window Maximize: %tCurrentWindow%
End Case
End Switch

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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