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MEP restart not working

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Attached is screenshot of the Restart located in my Macro Express Pro folder via My Computer/Program files/MEP


Sometimes the macro express is closed while running a macro, but you can see the green man running (MEP running icon) in taskbar when you hover on it disappears. When you restart MEP from the given path it doesn't starts.


Can anyone tell, is it a bug and what can we do to restart MEP again w/t shutting down the system as there are couple of apps which are running on the system and restart can take a lot of time.


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Regarding the tray icon this is a windows thing. I'm guessing since it's event driven MEP terminating doesn't generate an event to it it know Forrest (What I call the running man) shouldn't be displayed anymore. The event of getting the name of the macro runninig probably causes it to realize nobody is home and terminates it.


As far as terminating MEP I use the Windows TaskKill command. There are a couple of bugs like 'molasses' that will leave tasks running invisibly. One must kill both the MacExp and MEProx64 (I think that's the name). And even then sometimes TaskKill has problems finding it by image name.

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No, I meant the command line TaskKill.exe application like Terry mentioned. Generally you can type it at a command prompt without the path. I created a simple batch file to kill both of the processes.

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