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Faster test for empty clipboard

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The standard test for an empty clipboard

If Clipboard Equals ""


seems to take much longer than this alternative, assuming T1 holds the selected text.


Variable Set Integer %N[1]% to the length of variable %T[1]%
If Variable %N[1]% Equals "0"

In some lengthy iterations that approach might produce a useful speed improvement?


Is my assumption correct, that only an empty string has a length of zero?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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The same holds true for VisualBasic 6. I always use the command If Len(variable) = 0 Than.

Numeric compare are much faster than string compare. I don't know what language Macro Express was created with but I guess the same holds true for that complier.

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It's not the comparison that takes up a lot of time. It's the speed of the process of inducting the contents of the clipboard. MEP does not simply grab the contents but rather there is a routine that does some sort of checking or something to make it more stable for the user. Also the Windows Clipboard itself and lag at times.


As an asside MEP is written in Delphi. Also in VB I find the string.isnullorempty() or string.isnullorwhitespace() to be very quick.

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