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I am trying to create a hook "between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Macro Express Pro. I was able to get some direction from the author of "Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11". the game in the name of Larry Cantor who had created a hook quite some time ago. By hook I mean the ability to execute a Macro Express macro by use of voice. The following is the code and it's pretty much Greek to me I was hoping to get some help:




Triggering Macro Express Scripts with NaturallySpeaking
Code samples - Use NaturallySpeaking Professional edition to trigger a Macro Express script nicknamed "test 1" and activated by Ctrl+Alt+T:
Hotkey method
Sub Main
' Note: ^ = Control, % = Alt, + = Shift
SendKeys "^%t"
End Main
There was also a second method:
Shell command method
Sub Main
' Note: Use /A switch before Macro Express nickname
ShellExecute "[macro_express_folder_path]\meproc.exe /Atest 1"
End Main


Hopefully someone is for familiar with this type of approach to execute a macro by voice.




PS also I would like to thank those that helped me with my macros in the past. Without boring you with a lot of details let's just say this is my first day.

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The second method is best and that's the normal way one executes a macro from the command line. There have been many threads here regarding this method of execution so I'm sure you have read them before. If not I'm sure the Help section on "Command Line Parameters" will explain what you need to know.

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If you include this information, I can tell you how to do it:


1. Nickname of your Macro Express script.

2. How you normally activate the Macro Express script: e.g., pressing a hotkey. (Which key press do you use?)

3. Version of NaturallySpeaking you have, e.g., Professional Version 12, Home Version 11.5, etc.

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