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I have a folder on my hard drive that contains hundreds of JPG images. I would like to list them all in a text document.


'm trying to find a way to capture the name of every file and enter the name into a text document. After all of the files are entered into the document my goal is to import the text document into Access.
I was trying to accomplish this with the use of an Access program. I tried several different forms and no one could come up with a solution. Then I started thinking about Macro Expression. Am thinking that it should be able to do that I just don't know the direction to start with.
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Use the Repeat with Folder command and write each name to a file using the Variable Modify with the option to append a CR LF (end of line). I suggest you also check the attributes of the file and skip those that are hidden. If it's a Windows machine there will be a hidden thumbnail Db file in the folder. If there are a lot of files and it runs slow I would assemble all the names into a variable and write that at once when the loop is complete.


If your ultimate goal is an Access Db I would write a VBA routine to do this directly in your Db. If this is beyond your skill set you could hire me to write it for you.

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Using Macro Express Pro:


Repeat with Folder E:\temp
  Variable Modify String: Append %A_File% to text file, "E:\temp\files.txt"
End Repeat

If you only need to do this once you can do this manually:

Win+R (to bring up the run dialog)



In the command prompt type something like this (follow each line with <ENTER>):


cd \photos

dir *.jpg >files.txt


To close command prompt


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