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Hi All,


I've created a macro using MEP which operates with a web based application. I need to copy some information from the application and store it in variable, which i've already done. I've used mouse pointer to take the cursor to a specific place and then capture the information from all the fields.


The macro was working perfectly fine till yesterday. I noticed when i added toolbar by right clicking on the File, Edit menu located on the top of IE. When i added a toolbar into the IE the resolution changes which impacts my macro. Even though i've tried all the options Realitive to screen/ Realitive to window but it is facing the same problem.


Another serious concern is when i distribute this macro to other users it doesn't work for them either. This may be bcoz they have different window resolution or addons in there IE.


Does anyone knows how to get rid of both these problems ?


Thanks in advance



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Gagan I have spent hundreds of hours dealing with precisely this and as much as I love MEP it's not cost effective to make macros to be distributed like this. In some cases I would come up with tables of value based on the screen size or create edge detecting routines with get pixel color only to find depending on color depth the colors are slightly different requiring another algorithm to make fuzzy color matches. It is a daunting task even for the best. I wouldn't know where to begin with you. Give us one example and I could help you with that.


One possible solution is to give the user a training macro. When it first runs ask them to move the mouse to the upper left and press a key. Then delta that to the window position and record that in the registry. Now in your main macro use that as the base value to add to the relative pixel dimensions. This actually works fairly well and should only need to be run once by the user.


And if you get in a real bind don't forget I'm available for hire.

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